Lucy Cousins, thank you!

1173788288-hr-7From very early on Sam watched Maisy the Mouse‘s adventures wth her friends Cyril the Squirrel, Charlie the Elephant, and Talulah the Bird. We watched the videos and read the books, and sometimes talked about the stories. Sam liked it because it was safe – nothing bad ever happened. Except when Cyril once waited too long before he went to the toilet. And Eddie once hurt his knee. (Sam would insist we fast forward those episodes. )

I like the affirmativeness of the stories. Maisy plays. She works. She spends lots of time with her friends. Doing all sorts of ordinary things like making lemonade or having a bath. I like Lucy Cousin’s illustrations too – so bright and simple . (Apparently Maisy just drew herself one day – which is a great way to come into being.) The videos are very faithful to the books. And the music in the videos – from the wonderful Umbilical Brothers – is great too.

We have already written to Lucy Cousins to say thank you, and she wrote us back a very nice little note. But now our thanks are a matter of semi-public record.









  1. vixen said

    I love reading cartoons with children! It relaxes me. I didn’t know of these three. Thank you.

  2. Simon G said

    Thank you, Nana, for visiting and taking the time to read this!
    I love it too. And because I am so impressed with the writers / illustrators we have, and with their stories, with the skill they have, with their subtelty, I get as much out of it as does Sam or the children I read to at school.

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