Would you eat them here or there?


Apparently someone bet Dr Seuss that he couldn’t write a book using 50 words. He created Green Eggs and Ham. Do you know it? Little Sam offers green eggs and ham to Top Hat. Top hat however is really not interested. So Sam keeps popping up everywhere with a plethora of possibilities – “Would you eat them in a house? Would you eat them with a mouse?” He really doesn’t get the hint…

green eggs

You can see the video, which hasn’t at all got the economy of the book, on youtube.

When I was a kid I found Dr Seuss’s books just a bit creepy. Something about the curve of those lines. He never draws a straight line. Maybe also it was the uncertain motives of some of his characters (The Cat in the Hat for instance) that worried me.

Now I love him – his fantastical creatures, his rhythms and rhymes, his celebration of breaking the limits of imagination… and that he thought to make books that children at the beginning of reading could enjoy.


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