as if by magic

I never saw it as a kid – but watching it has been great fun! Mr Benn is a very ordinary person who, trying on costumes, is transported into adventures where with quiet kindness he Solves the Problem. You can get the DVD amazingly cheap.

The author David McKee is another of my Heroes of the Children’s Book. He only produced two books of Mr Benn as far as I know. But of course there’s Elmer everywhere, the multicoloured elephant who teaches the other elephants to laugh. We like Anytime Tales which is a DVD of some David McKee’s stories, and some of Tony Ross’s as well. How is it that these treasures cost so little??

UPDATE: Mr Benn intro:


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  1. […] I said before that there were only two of David McKee’s Mr Benn stories published as books. Well, we were at the Tate modern and we saw that this is not true: there were five: Mr Benn – Red Knight, Big Game Benn, 123456789 Benn, Big Top Benn and Mr Benn – Gladiator.  The Tate is republishing them. Last year was the 40th anniversary of the creation of Mr Benn. […]

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