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Sam doesn’t like bad things happening in stories, so it was good when we discovered “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark” by Jill Tomlinson, which is about an owlet growing up and learning that the dark is fun. Nothing bad happens in this story. We found out that she wrote other stories about animals growing up, all of them really good, all of them with nothing bad happening in them. Nothing like a series to make you feel at home.

Sam dictated his one and only long-ish story, “The Rat who Wanted to be called Pat” after we’d read these to him. If there are no really bad things in it, at least there is a small difficulty that needs to be resolved.



  1. AKK said

    There is an interesting article by Uberto Eko about the elimination of “bad” in modern tales. My son when at Sam’s age didn’t like “the bad” element either. Though he was mad about big trucks and gigantic earthmovers; dinosaurs as well -the meanest the better. Thinking back I see it was a question of size, power and potential. 18 y. old now he found what he was looking for in music. He loves polyphonic chants, Schubert and Jimmy Page.

  2. Simon G said

    Hi, AKK!
    Yes, Sam is the same – he likes all of those boy things; and he’s fine about rushing round with his lightsaber and dealing out death and destruction – himself. He also makes sure he familiarise himself with the details of Spiderman and Star Wars – it is the currency of the playground after all – but without going too close to the films themselves – much too scary!
    But, what is it about someone else’s story, where there could be pain or sorrow lurking ahead?? I’m not sure. But it fascinates me…

  3. vixen said

    from this I was inspired for my latest entry; excuse me if i am clumsy; i’m still young.

  4. Simon G said

    not clumsy at all – and very traditional, especially in Greece, for monsters to turn into rocks!
    I’m flattered to have some connection with the inspiration!
    I like that theme… transformation, metamorphosis…

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