we scare because we care


Sam doesn’t watch feature films; he doessn’t need to have seen a film to give other kids the impression that he knows it well – he can have just passed by a computer screen where someone was playing a Harry Potter game – and he seems somehow to have caught enough of the essence of it to dine out on it.

We have had the DVD of Monsters Inc for about a year – unwatched. Too scarey of course. But somehow we got to watching the first 20 minutes of the film and – unsurprisingly – it was indeed a little scarey. But not so scarey that we haven’t had that same 20 minutes over and over and over again – so that we now know a lot of the dialogue – which is one of the film’s great points – by heart. And isn’t it great to know dialogue by heart. It is now woven into our conversations: “If you dont take me swimming ‘ in five seconds I will personally put you into the shredder!'”

There have been thousands of questions too:

“What does ‘make duck water’ mean?”

thinks for a long time “You mean ‘make our quota’…”

We saw the charades trailer today too – so we showed Sam how to play the game.



  1. AKK said

    My daughter Marianina is exactly like your Sam. She never wanted to watch a Harry Potter film. Now she enjoys reading the books very much. Still she doesn’t ask for the DVDs. It seems that kids with a very vivid and creative imagination get “overloaded” with visual and sound effects.

  2. Simon G said

    Yes, that’s it.
    My mum told me that when she was a girl and was taken to see Snow White (Disney) she was terrified by the witch and the bits running through the woods.
    Sam has of course found ways round the social problems involved too. He glimpsed, from the doorway, a friend playing a Harry Potter game on the computer. This small moment has gradually grown in the retelling to “I have seen Harry Potter…”

  3. Anonymous said

    We scare because we care -a good one that was!

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