Split Pea Soup


Martha was very fond of making split pea soup. Sometimes she made it all day long. Pots and pots of split pea soup.

If there was one thing that George was not fond of, it was split pea soup. As a matter of fact, George hated split pea soup more than anything else in the world. But it was so hard to tell Martha.

Click here and scroll down to see a little of this tiny story by the amazing author-illustrator James Marshall.


“It is said that he discovered his vocation on a 1971 summer afternoon, lying on a hammock drawing. His mother was watching Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf , and the main characters, George and Martha, ultimately became characters in one of his children’s books.”

His books have a subtly nuanced warmth to them – and are a good read for six year olds, and adults too.

My friend Mick and I are very fond of his Fox books, and have used them in class loads. I read here that:

“under the pen name “Edward Marshall”, Marshall began to produce his “Fox” books, which is a popular easy-to-read series. Once when asked why he created the pseudonym, Marshall answered,” I wanted to do an easy-to-read book, but I was under an exclusive contract at a publishing house so I made up Edward, supposedly a cousin of mine from San Antonio. One day an editor called me and said ‘we’re having so much trouble reaching your cousin to get publicity material, could you tell me something about him?’ ‘Well,’ I said, ‘It’s very difficult for him living way out there near the crematorium with his eighteen children….’ I just spun a whole yarn about this so-called cousin, and before I knew it, it was printed in a publication.”


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