What are you exactly?

Trail sign

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  1. AKK said

    I was quick to cast vote because I am a tortoise by far and since always.
    Cool sign! Is it in your Flickr? I wish I could make like. It would be practically indestructible. But I suppose it was made with a special metal press that I don’t have either time or money to get.

  2. Simon G said

    AKK! You know , or should do, that artistically, and semiologically, your trail signs are the best in the world. Yes this is a good sign – though I would have wanted the tortoise first – but a machine-made sign like this can’t really be as true to the ONE AT A TIME nature of the footpath. I have praised your signs elsewhere, and I won’t repeat myself in case you think I am just trying to flatter…

    btw click on ‘all sizes’ to see it in flickr – I found it searching ‘hare and tortoise’!

  3. AKK said

    Oh! I hadn’t noticed that the “all sizes” button was functioning. The others were not. I will go there now.
    “The best in the world”, eh? How can I thank you for that? I was just sewing a few new wooden arrows and painting them orange. As usual, while doing this, I was asking myself “What am I doing?”

  4. Simon G said

    You are right to wonder that while you’re doing your sawing – they are, as I say, a bit too good.

    But… YOU thank ME? I have the feeling that one day when I am losing my way along an Ikarian trail your signs will be a very disproportionate thanks for my small compliments!

  5. vixen said

    I am a hare but with weights attached to my legs -like the runner in Munhausen’s tale !

  6. AKK said

    There you are! Now I have to thank you again because you reminded me that my signs are made to show the way as well !!!! hahaha :)(: As I make them during the dead season when nobody is around, I keep forgetting that !

  7. Simon G said

    AKK! – the pure artistry of it is going to your head – and you’re forgetting the function (recapitulating the history of art in your signs!)

  8. AKK said

    😉 well, a touch of art saves my signs from vandals. They don’t know how to deal with that touch (is it cartoon? is it grafiti?) so they leave them in peace. So is Art useful? In my case this has been proven.

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