Coming Soon!

The Amazing Till Owlyglass will shortly appear in this very place and reveal a Great Secret, of especial use to all Tailors, Haute Couturiers and other Garment Professionals, but also of Great Interest to Any Other Curious Parties who should attend irrespective of Profession or Affiliation.How to GET RICH.



Gather here this Friday for the Full Details.

“This is Incredible!”



  1. Anonymous said

    Oh, it’s for tomorrow! Is it a lottery?

  2. Simon G said

    Your tomorrow is my day after tomorrow.

  3. Simon G said

    But as for what he’s going to say or do, I’m not quite sure. Between you and me I’m a bit embarrassed actually. It’s not exactly the tone I want on this blog. I’m thinking perhaps I won’t be there on Friday.

  4. Simon G said

    Oh, btw, I just read your excellent stuff on the myth of Icarus on elle’s blog.
    Lots of very interesting ideas and information.
    I never knew for instance that all the islands had Phoenician names.
    I also liked the thought: ‘These are logical myths. And there is nothing more crazy than logic. But it’s magic because it makes us move.’

  5. isl_gr said

    Money is my weak spot. And as a friend says, ‘We are as strong as our weak spot’.
    See you tomorrow.

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