an apology


Well, I’m sorry. I’m embarrassed.
I never should have given that fool Owlyglass the platform on my so-called blog.

I blame myself really. There was something about the tone.
Thing is I’ve been reading The Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass to Sam at bedtimes and we’ve been really enjoying it. It’s a retelling of the Till Eulenspiegel stories by Michael Rosen, and I’ve been really looking forward to the time when I could read it with him.

wicked tricks

I had started to get the idea in my head – maybe it was the name Owlyglass – Owl/Mirror – that he was some kind of wise fool that could make us see ourselves as we are.

How wrong could I be: You must remember to make a knot at the end of the thread.

Not that I’m against all tricksters. I enjoyed The Big Con, the book they based the film The Sting on. I liked Catch Me If You Can. I admire tricksters. I haven’t got the courage to risk being found out like that.

Anyway, my dear readers, I’ve told him never again to step on the good soil of Yahoo. Let’s get back to normal, and forget the whole thing. Good night.



  1. Anonymous said

    No, let’s not forget it! This the whole thing reminded me of a good old Monty Python’s wheeze.

  2. Anonymous said

    HA HA HAH! ‘Bedtimes’ in your house must start at noon!
    You have so many ‘bedtime’ guests!

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