to be continued…


After a bad experience with untruth, King Shahryar can no longer trust,
but beguiled by Scheherazade’s thousand and one cliffhangers…

See 1001 nights.

It worked for Sam too…

Not particularly keen to read in English, I’ve had to cajole, bribe, threaten him into doing it. “I’ll read you another chapter of Astrosaurs if you read me half the shark book…”

(The Astrosaurs are like a kind of kids’ dinosaur Star Trek. They are a series, you could say they were ‘formula’ books, but they are pulled off very well. Being a series works well for Sam

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  1. vixen said

    Excuse me, who’s the cutiepie in the tin armour vest too small for him? King Shahryar? How many of our kind did they say he had killed before Scheherazade?
    “homme fatal” !

    I love that you love your son so much. I saw a film on DVD yesterday. The son of a storyteller’s had become a top journalist!

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