to steal some treasure



  1. Simon G said

    Well, Y360 has stolen the words of my blog, or lost them more likely.

    Here is what they were:

    I read the Hobbit to Sam. I had forgotten the richness of the telling in this so famous book. Actually I had forgotten all but the bare bones of the story, so I probably enjoyed it as much as he did.

    Bilbo Baggins is that thing again, the unlikely hero, just the right kind of character to identify with.

    Tolkien was full of folktales, full of languages and poetry, and I love the way that comes through in his story. I think I liked the riddle contest with Gollum the best when I first heard the story as a kid, and I still love that chapter.

    Sam loved the idea of a quest, the magic swords, the ring of invisibility, the treasure. He’s started writing his own quest story, where his three treasures are stolen by a dragon.

    Now he wants to hear The Lord of the Rings. I’ve told him it’s very long and a bit more grown up. He says he doesn’t mind that, as long as it’s not too scary…

  2. isl_gr said

    Our destinies meet in tales for children. The “trio Ikaria” are working on the exploits of “misokolaki” (the boy with half of his ass cut-off!!!) a practical midget and primitive version of “tom thumb”. The background is rural, not knightly though. Wits are the same.

  3. Simon G said

    I was just the other week reading “Cecino the Tiny”, an italian tale, almost the same as Little Chick-Pea, which is here:
    They are difficult to digest this tale, brutal, absurd, circuitous – not the straight line of the successful quest.

  4. isl_gr said

    saved the link; will take a look tomorrow; thanks.

  5. AKK said

    My son who when little looked a lot like yours had read the Lord of the Rings 4 times before he discovered The Hobbit. He read it 2 times and said “This is the real thing!” Then he went back to The Lord of the Rings and read it 3 more times. He has even tried to read the English!

  6. Simon G said

    We may not be able to resist the urge to read it… “I really love that book!”

    I remember when I read Lord of the Rings as a kid I was so sad when I came to the end – because it had come to the end. The book is a little bit like The Ring itself – it can swallow you up.

  7. isl_gr said

    Read the Italian tale. Great! Genuinely out of the oral tradition and barely edited as literature. Kind of Rapsody. Thanks!

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