Just a minute

1233674686-sc-274(edited and revised)
Just a Minute

Grandma Beetle keeps Señor Cavalera waiting. He’s come for her but she asks for a little time to sweep her ONE house. UNO Then she has TWO pots of tea to boil. DOS After that it’s THREE pounds of corn to make into tortillas TRES

I like the traditional feel of this story, the way it brings in so much from Yuyi Morales’ native Mexico, the little bits of Spanish, and that here is Death in a book, and yet the book is so happy!

Also that Yuyi Morales is a bit of a self-publicist. She deserves to be, with her great story, great illustrations. Here’s her website:


Making Just A Minute from Yuyi Morales on Vimeo.

See this too, just in.

And this, about the making of the sequel to Just A Minute:



  1. Simon G said

    that was meant to be an embedded picture book. No time to fix it now…

  2. vixen said

    What is she? She looks a lot like a popular Greek actress!

  3. vixen said

    btw, SG, about your problems with writing text in an entry, I think you are using a text editor that the blog doesn’t accept when you copy-paste. Try another editor. And when you are trough with writing and the entry looks ok, before you post make sure to “select all” and click “copy”. This in case the content of your entry disappears on the way to Yahoo. If this happens, you click “edit” (the empty entry), then “paste” and your lost entry reappears! The second time the “save” button usually works.
    Have a nice day

  4. Simon G said

    She’s a children’s story-book maker. I enjoyed her book yesterday and then saw that it was, sort of, accessible on the Web. Only Y360 is a slightly torn and shakey bit of the Web, through which Flies can buzz. How can it be that you click Save sometimes and it works, and other times and it doesn’t…

    Copying everything before you click Save or Send is a very sensible idea and I would have saved a lot of time here if I had done this before! I’m going to do it now…

  5. isl_gr said

    You have composed a great entry there! I tested embedding and failed too. Need special spells to harness “Magic Realism”. Loved her hands!

  6. […] my first post about Yuyi […]

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