one damn thing after another

Thank you Mick for The MOUSE and his CHILD by Russell Hoban.

With a little enforced immobility the last few days, I was very glad of it, and what a book it is!

‘Where are we?’ the mouse child asked his father. His voice was tiny in the stillness of the night.

‘I don’t know,’ the father answered.

‘What are we, Papa?’

‘I don’t know. We must wait and see.’

Like the Thumbelina type stories – chick pea boy, bean boy, like Pinocchio, from absurd helpless beginnings, through a gruesome trail of one damn thing after another the wind-ups walk and wait their way towards self-winding. But they discover better things than that on the way.

As well as the bleak, bizarre and capricious, and the peculiar, particular and unexpected…

Reasonable guy that I am I find myself agreeing with all the forthright reviews on – here’s a few to give a taste:

By E. R. Bird “Ramseelbird (Manhattan, NY) –

Every copy of “The Mouse and His Child” should come with the following warning label: “ATTENTION – The contents of this book are deeper, more metaphorical, and far too clever for the immature adult. Should you find this book in the hands of such an individual, redirect it immediately to that of a mature child instead”…

By D. Montano –

This is NOT a book for children. There is no positive lesson to be learned from this story, there is no inspiration, nor optimism. This book is a grim allegory, full of allusions to the real world of war and murder. This is a fairy tale as envisioned by Camus.

By A Customer
For this literature lover, The Mouse and Hiis Child is the best children’s book and one of the best novels I have ever read.
I first read The Mouse and His Child with my 4 year old son. We devoured it in one weekend, read it again one month later and yet again six months later. The book gets better every time.
There is a film…

…but really it needed a Jan Švankmajerto to do the story real justice.



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