David Macaulay

Good previews of his books at Google Books.


  1. AKK said

    He is a great drawer. Thank you for the post. I feel more certain now about the quality of the drawer I work with.

  2. Simon G said

    Yes, he’s impressive. It’s a high standard to hold anyone up to.

  3. Simon G said

    (I’m curious what the project is…?)

  4. AKK said

    A book? A map? Who knows?

  5. Simon G said

    See if you can get david Macauley over. He’s done “Cathedral”, “Mill”, “Undreground” – it’s about time he did “Island”!

  6. AKK said

    I will speak to my “Art Director”. If he doesn’t know Mcauley already, than Mcauley is no good for him.

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