David Macaulay (edited)


One of the things I like about so many kids books is that they have PICTURES. I like it too when the illustrations can get you to understand something – like in Mistsumasa Anno\’s brilliant books.


David Macauley is another one. I liked his book “The Way Things Work” (see it here ). I even got it for my Dad, who’s very technical. He, I think, felt patronised or something like that by it, because it’s a kids’ book. But I’m impressed by someone that can make complicated things simple, understandable. That, to me, is not a kids’ thing, that’s something for everyone. But never mind…

Here’s David Macauley talking about his attempts to find a way of making a picture book about Rome:

It makes me want to learn to draw…



“I draw to better understand things. Sometimes I make a lot of drawings I still don’t understand what I’m drawing.”

One of the things I liked so much about what he had to say and show was how long he spent getting it “wrong”, how many threads he had to follow before he was happy with one of them. And he is also prepared to show those “failed” attempts, because he knows that the process he goes through, spending a lot of time not knowing exactly where he was going, is one that he can recommend.



  1. Simon G said

    Thanks to Nana for the advice to copy everything before saving it! When I tried to add the postscript to the article, the Y360-sprite turned a full circle once and the article had disappeared into a zombie-nothingness. So I just added it as a new entry.

  2. AKK said

    I enjoy these blogs much more than others. I have a blogspot blog which is functional and everything and I am supposed to write plenty and add lots of stuff to it but something always keeps me away from it. The blospots (and similar) are like announcement bulletins. Y360 blogs are like toys. They break down easily as I can see but they are very attractive!

  3. Simon G said

    The Y360 sprite has made it that way, I’m sure, so that we’re not put off by the “perfection” of the blog-machine itself – hers is a broken, alice-in-wonderland kind of bloggery, probably with mechanical parts. It is not meant for anouncements or other official things, but for half-understood ideas, rumours, factoids…

  4. vixen said

    you are welcome;)

    (Before i press “envoyer” I select all and save this comment in case “envoyer” doesn’t work ;lol)

  5. vixen said

    It worked!

  6. simonsterg said

    (Looking for this video again on youtube (I should have looked here!) I came across Stephen Wiltshire’s amazing panorama of the city::

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