enter the Other World

In Hackney, London, these are all over the pavements:

The posties use them to bundle up letters, then once they\’ve posted the letters they let them fall to the pavement.

They are, of course, a door into the Other World, the Hidden London. You wouldn\’t know, you have never climbed through one the right way, probably not at all.

Small children gather them up. They can be made into a ball too. *

Depending on what you put at its centre, it could be very useful:

*(Iain Sinclair, author of Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: A Confidential Report has mentioned this.)



  1. Anonymous said

    the gang has gathered up, but I ‘ve got to get out and say that this is very interesting for me!

  2. Simon G said

    always a pleasure to have you drop by, AKK

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