What Sam Really Likes 3


swords, bows and arrows, special powers, adventure, victory…

Best of all if Gandalf and Strider are on the journey.

Yes – I am reading Lord of the Rings, against good advice. Just a little at bedtimes, more on car journeys. It is, especially as I\’ve forgotten the story since I read it a long time ago, exciting, but after a long drive my voice is tired. All that landscape and weather, all that backstory and elvish speech, couldn\’t he have made it a bit slimmer?? Isn\’t there a CD?? … checking up…

… Oh yes there is…

.. but it\’s £39.15 ,which seems a bit steep to me, despite the number of words you get for your pound.

The \”Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition Box Set) is only £17.98 , but then that\’s the DVD of the film which is (A) very good, (B) of course, but (C) too scary, (D) not the book.

It\’s the first book of the trilogy that we\’re reading (which Tolkien called Book 1 and Book 2), from the library, so as we don\’t have the second and third volumes, there could be a break…

But in the meantime, we have journeyed south from Rivendell, and after an unsuccessful attempt to cross the snowy pass, have entered the gate to the Mines of Moria. Wish us luck…


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