the TRUTH is rarely PURE and NEVER SIMPLE


                     Sallust, quoted by the chapter on MYTH in Sara Fanelli in Sometimes I think, Sometimes I am
The truth is rarely pure and never simple
Sara Fanelli

I picked up this book of Mythological Monsters by Sara Fanelli.

N had used it with her Year 2 class. They just needed lots of pictures of eyes and some stories of monsters and they created their own monsters.

“I might use a piece of paper, perhaps one with curious stains or marks on it, or a sweet wrapper or a piece of my Grandmother’s writing – a shopping list for example. I enjoy printmaking, particularly etching, and sometimes I’ll cut up the prints and use them in my collages. Every object has a story behind it to be relayed or reinvented. Handwriting in an unexpected context is very evocative. I create the different textures in my work by sprinkling the surface with things like sugar, lentils, spaghetti and rice.”

See too: Sara Fanelli – a life in pictures at The Guardian



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