Frog and Toad, books and film


I have said something about Arnold Lobel before. On the occasion of reading the Frog and Toad stories with my class, I must return to him.

It impresses me no end tht in such simple language and with such subtetly of word and image he conjures up the ins and outs of friendship.

There’s another Lobel book that shows this, Owl at Home, here on flickr. Just one page is enough for now:

Owl at home, Tear Water Tea story by ollerina.
It’s not always the case that someone can turn something so gentle and particular into film, successfully. But John Clark Matthews did it with his very respectful stop-motion Frog and Toad animations.

Brilliant that in 1985 he made a film showing how he made the films. There is so much I like about this, and next time I teach stop motion I’ll show it. Especially now that digital is everywhere, I like all the details – creating the armature on the lathe, moving the characters so carefully, taking the film off to be developed!



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