goodnight moon

Sam is still not a keen sleeper.

I used to try The Gartan Lullaby. Not as tunefully as this of course:

Sleep, my son, the red bee hums
The silent twilight’s fall
The lady from the grey rock comes
To wrap the world in thrall
My darling boy, my pride, my joy
My love and hearts desire
The cricket sings his lullaby
Beside the dying fire

Dusk is drawn and the green man’s thorn
Is wrapped in wreaths of fog
The fairies sail their boat till dawn
Across the starry bog
My darling son, the pearl-white moon
Has drained her cup of dew
And weeps to hear the sad, sweet song
I sing, my love, to you

(Robin Williamson’s version)

Hypnotic incantatory picture books didn’t have much more effect.

I tried Husherbye by master illustrator / author John Burningham.

The classic Goodnight Moon was another one. It had more chance as a book than as a movie, but most times it was me that fell to sleep first.

Maybe it will work for you; perhaps you’ll wake up at 3 am with your head on the keyboard…


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