where the wild things are


I’ve mentioned Maurice Sendak and Where The Wild Things Are before.

Now it’s being transmogrified from classic children’s book to feathure film, due for release on 16th October in the US.

There is such an economy in the book; not a word is wasted. There is no “message”, though Max’s anger, and his mastery of it is perfectly and generously, subtly and beautify pictured in just ten sentences plus fantastic illustrations.

How will that be possible in a 90 minute-odd film. There’ll be the divorced mother too busy to spend time with Max, and Max’s frustrations will remove him further and further from reality. It all seems a little “stock” – it’s a family film so we need to preach to mum and dad a little or they won’t leave the cinema satisfied.

Maybe I’m being pessimistic. Maybe it will be good. I do – really – like to see old favourites take on new forms, and I see Maurice has been a part of the transformation…



  1. eskillian said

    Yes I definitely think it worked out really well. It was a very creative, yet subtle portrayal of human nature and interaction.

    • simonsterg said

      Thanks, eskillian!

      As wikipedia says, “Reception to the film has been generally favorable.” I guess people that already like/love the picture book version have more chance of being disappointed that those new to the tale.

      It comes out in December in Europe. A chance to make my own mind up…

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