a sick thorn bush in the mouse soup

photo by Twenty Cent Mixture

We still haven’t finished watching the amazing and essential Man on Wire, but in the meantime, some more of Arnold Lobel, this time from Mouse Soup.

This book, is about a mouse that gets caught by a weasel, who wants to turn him into mouse soup. The mouse thinks quickly. He says the soup needs some stories. The weasel wants to hear them. So mouse makes up some stories.

You can see John Clarke Matthews stop-animation adaptation here:


or here’s part of it on YouTube, where an old lady has a sick thorn:

(just listening to a radio program on Radio New Zealand about Ursula Nordstrom – who “is credited with presiding over a transformation in children’s literature in which morality tales written for adult approval gave way to works that instead appealed to children’s imaginations and emotions.” She was editor for Lobel, and for quite a few other authors / illustrators I’ve blogged about. Thanks to Twenty Cent Mixture, whose flickr picture above led me to her blog entry.)


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