a nasrudin story and an illustrator

Having just read and enjoyed the tale of The Chained Lion and the Unchained Lion, here’s a tale from me:

Nasrudin usually gets about, as you know, on his donkey.

Well, one day while he was at the market, his donkey disappeared.

“OK, listen to me everyone!” he shouted. “Someone has stolen my donkey. If I don’t get it back soon… then I will do what my father did when his donkey was stolen!”

People got looking and, mysteriously, anonymously, the donkey reappeared. Everyone was relieved.

Nasrudin was about to set off home again. Someone came up to him to ask a question:

“Mulla, what was it your father did when his donkey was stolen?”

“What did he do? He walked home.”

& – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- & – &- &

Rebecca Dautremer has illustrated a book, by Odile Weulersse, that takes this tale and expands it into a great picture book, Nasreddine et son âne.

I love her colours, her lines, her sense of space…

I would love to see lots of other Nasrudin tales treated like this!

Lots of people (like serena and Babelfish) have remarked on her beautiful work, though I’m not sure how much of it is available in English.

Rebecca Dautremer also illustrated the film just out (site, bandwidth heavy,  kerity-lefilm.com). It looks beautiful and the plan is to go and see it next month.

Here’s the trailer:


Saw the film – loved it!

Lots of good blog entries on her work, some with good pics, eg  cruststation


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  1. mick said

    What do they do in Ballygar when it rains?
    They let it
    We’re looking at Alice in Wonderland at the moment so this esoteric link could well blossom

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