I stumbled on The Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood’s current exhibition “Wonderland”, where 50 Hackney printmakers have produced illustrations of fairy tales, myths and folk tales from around the world, and I like it. The website says:

Folklore, myths, legends and fairy tales are a cauldron of a culture’s deepest hopes, beliefs and anxieties symbolically expressed through storytelling and passed on through generations. The exhibiting artist’s works are loosely themed Cautionary Tales, Fantasy, Good versus Evil, Love and Friendship, Myths and Folklore and The Heroic Quest.

There’s a generous sample of the artworks on the site. Click an image below for more…

Real Boy by Kim Jenkins The Silver Hands by Katie Jones Vicky Page by Robert Stokes The Rabbit Hole by Aiste Ramunaite A Story of Fairies by Frances Earnshaw  The House That Jack Never Built by Sumi Perera Hansel and Gretel by Catherine Walsh Then a pair of red-hot iron shoes... by Nick Henderson Come in My Dears… by Jackie Baxter Battle of Birlunda I by Ellie Curtis The Reflection by Katja Rosenberg Mask Ka by Wuon Gean Ho Golden Boy by Steve Edwards Stove by Katie Jones Signore Farfalle by Fabio Coruzzi Firebird Fantasy 2 by Erika Pal Spirit of the Wounded Deer by Amy Garner Spirit of the Wounded Deer by Amy Garner The River Journey by Jean Gibbins

I think a commission like this is a wonderful thing and I like it when a museum or visitor place gets away from simply objects and artifacts. I remember when the Museum of Childhood was a very dry and dusty sort of place, with its giant dolls’ houses in glass cases. Now it’s a lot more hands on. Branching out into the realm of story is another great way of getting beyond the static object. And it’s got a lot of talented people re-presenting these great tales!


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  1. bonjour,

    this looks like a wonderful exposition to wander in … i love your blog : a precious gift to journey in …

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