Michael Foreman

from The Guardian:

Michael Foreman’s first picture book, The General, was published in 1961. In the half-century since he has become one of the best-known British writer-illustrators, with more than 300 titles for both adults and children. Foreman’s own stories often focus on conflict and war. His acclaimed autobiography War Boy: A Country Childhood, which combines photographs and adverts with watercolours and pen-and-ink drawings, is now being exhibited at the National Army Museum. The General, written at the height of the cold war, has been republished to mark its 50th anniversary.

  1. Michael Foreman: War Boy
  2. Michael Foreman: War Boy
  3. Michael Foreman: War Boy
  4. Michael Foreman: Dinosaurs
  5. Michael Foreman: War and Peas
  6. Michael Foreman: Mia's Story
  7. Michael Foreman: Mia's Story
  8. Michael Foreman: War Game
  9. Michael Foreman: Terry Jones Fairy Tales
  10. Michael Foreman: Classic Fairy Tales
  11. Michael Foreman: The Mozart Question
  12. Michael Foreman: A Child's Garden
  13. Michael Foreman: Illustration from The General by Michael Foreman

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