ant and bee

ant and beeSorting through mum’s storage – she kept everything- it’s a dismal thing. All the old letters, old photos.

There are all Peter’s paintings – what to do with them? Painted on hardboard, it’s hard to do anything with them. We take them all outside and I take photos of them all, quickly before the rain comes. We cram as many into the car as we can fit. They are at the back on top of the boot, and right through the middle, perched on the passenger’s seat so they don’t get in the way of the gear stick. What would Peter think?

There’s a dusty collection of my old toys. Sam makes a selection of the toy cars. There’s Batman in his batmobile. And the car from Chitty-chitty-bang-bang.

And there – one of my old Ant and Bee books. This one’s ‘Around the world with Ant and Bee’.

It’s a story about an umbrella that Ant gave to Bee, how much he loved it, how he looked for it all over the world when he lost it:


It’s a kind of geography lesson really.

Funny to see this book again.

(These Ant and Bee pictures are from We ♥ Books – the same book)



  1. Eleni said

    “lacrimae rerum” situation… I am so sorry about the loss…

    • simonsterg said

      yes, things (and photos and letters) – all very hot to touch. Thank you.

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