pink rabbit

Have I not mentioned Judith Kerr before here, and her wonderful book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit? I’ve just been listening to her on Desert Island Disks.

She made me quite proud to be a Londoner:

We found a kind of humour and tolerance here which didn’t, I think, exist in other countries at the time. I think I became a Brit, as you might say, during the war because the people here were so extraordinarily good. We were here right through the blitz and the bombing. People were being killed every night and there were my parents walking about with their German accents and nobody ever once said anything nasty to them. I came really to feel that I would never want to live anywhere else. And even my father who loved France when he was asked after the war, wouldn’t you like to go back to France, where he could speak the language, he said but I would have to take the entire English population with me.

She’s in the Guardian too:


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