Voices of the Heart

When Ed Young was taking Tai Chi Chuan classes with Professor M. C. Cheng, master of the five excellences (art, calligraphy, poetry, medicine, Tai Chi Chuan) the professor opened his eyes to the meanings hidden within Chinese characters. In the picture book Voices of the Heart Ed Young explores the meanings in 26 character, each of which includes the heart-symbol.

The seal style of calligraphy is about 2,500 years old. It is, says Young, a bridge between the most ancient Chinese pictures and symbols and traditional Chinese characters.

I find it fascinating that, like the Ashanti adinkra symbols, wisdom and understanding seem to have been locked into these characters right from the start.

Ed Young invites us to look at them, like he does, as an adventure into a different time and place.

The first character he portrays is De, Virtue, 德 –

The next one is Shame, Chi:

Realisation, Wu, 悟:


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