a machine for tales

Thanks Mick for the Story Cubes.

Already they’ve been generating all sorts of fantastical fictions.

Not only that, but I obviously think, “How would that work with children?” I’m going to try it out.

And then I think, “What if the pictures were different?” and “What pictures would I put on the dice, that would lead to the most interesting and various places?”

There’s heavy cloud sweeping over Skye, so already they’ve been in use today.

Then again, maybe a more complicated story generator is needed.

I saw, via the Internet, at the Story Museum in Oxford they had reconstructed a nineteenth century Storyloom.

The machine is more precisely known as Rochester’s Extraordinary Storyloom. This page tells us that “Victorian inventor Barnabas Rochester had an interest in stories but little talent for writing them – which is why he is said to have built the Storyloom.”

It’s Ted Dewan who is the engineer behind the reconstruction of the storyloom. His website is wormworks.com

Ted Dewan is an amazing illustrator when he’s not doing reconstructive engineering. I especially like his black and white pictures for Robert Ornstein’s books:






  1. Lazy Worm said

    This is amazing! I’ve never thought such machines to have been built! I do wish someone would erect a curiosity museum somewhere in the world for kids and even adults to see what some great minds had once sought to achieved, or perhaps, for this case, what he did to resolve his lack of apt in writing a story. WOW

  2. simonsterg said

    Yes, Lazy Worm, I agree – it is amazing. And your idea for museums sounds brilliant too!

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