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I had told Sam the story of Gawain and the Green Knight before, but I was looking forward to the time I could read the version by illustrious author Michael Morpurgo and authorial illustrator Michael Foreman.

Sam had to ask me the meaning of some of the chivalric technical terms –

“What does ‘honour’ mean?”
“What does ‘integrity’ mean?”

Had I not mentioned them before? Just as well we read the book.

A few points about the tale.

1. It’s one of my Favourites.
2. It – probably did not happen here.
3. It would be great dramatised.

Of course, Sam loved it. Now I want to find the best ones for us to jump onto next: the round table, Merlin, the sword in the stone, Camelot, Kay and Morgan le Fey… and of course a few more of those interesting words!

El pointed me to a good telling of this tale which is also sometimes told about Gawain too.

And where to go then?

I like the Parsifal – Grail story, but don’t know a good children’s version of that. The Lancelot – Guinevere story should have one too…


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