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I didn’t say – too many books! – that I really enjoyed Millions. The book not the film which I haven’t seen yet. Great to read a – funny – kids’ books that looks at money and religion in such a fresh and quirky way! Thanks to Isobel for lending it to me.

The film…


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the three robbers

I came across the blog Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves today. It’s reminded me of lots of books I really like or have liked.

One that I haven’t looked at for a while is Tomi Ungerer’s The Three Robbers. It’s the illustrations I really like:

Tomi Ungerer: Illustration from Tomi Ungerer's The Three Robbers

I nearly got to see latest film of The Three Robbers, directed by Hayo Freitag, in French, but thought “oh, it will come out in DVD, probably in English”. Not yet…

But anyway there is a great Weston Woods version animated in 1972 by Gene Deitch animated by Bohumil Šejda.

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on a rickety stage, hastily erected in cyberspace


SG leads Till Owlyglass up the steps. There is a microphone ready.

SG: It’s all set up. But a lot of things don’t work very well on Yahoo! 360, so it might break down.

Till taps microphone §§§ Eins, zwei, drei §§§ microphone howls

looks around at expectant crowd

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. You’ve come. It’s clear you know that today you will learn something that will be very profitable to you.

I see the tailors among you, and also some who never go near a needle. I see some of you have come from a long way off. Some of you look like your in a different time zone right now. Well, I won’t keep you waiting. I know I have a strong German accent so you must listen very carefully to what I have to say, so that you don’t miss a single word.

Well all of you know about scissors and are skilled in using them to cut with. You know about needles and threads and going in and out with them. Yes, you already have the basic knowledge.

looks around again. The crowd looks a little restless.

Well you know all that of course. But what I am going to tell you now you must take note of and remember. It is very important. Are you ready?

The crowd shifts between restless and expectant.

This is a great secret I am telling you. When you have threaded the cotton through the eye of the needle – are you listening – you must remember to make a knot at the end of the thread. If you don’t do this when you pull the thread you will lose all your work. If you remember to do this you will be rich and prosperous beyond your wildest dreams.

looks around again at the stunned crowd

I could say thank you for coming to hear this great secret, but I am sure that it is you who will want to thank me!

Owlyglass takes a bow and steps down from the stage.

Is that it??

Yes, and I must leave now. You may deal with the crowd.

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Coming Soon!

The Amazing Till Owlyglass will shortly appear in this very place and reveal a Great Secret, of especial use to all Tailors, Haute Couturiers and other Garment Professionals, but also of Great Interest to Any Other Curious Parties who should attend irrespective of Profession or Affiliation.How to GET RICH.



Gather here this Friday for the Full Details.

“This is Incredible!”

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