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The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon

I mentioned one of David Almond’s collaborations with Polly Dunbar before. Now I’ve read another, The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon. Like My Dad’s A Birdman, it’s the kind of book that can be read by a 7 year-old but still enjoyed by a 12 year-old, or even, for that matter, an adult.

Paul lives in the basement, but decides one day to go to the top of his tower block.

He meets a lady wearing a red coat.


“I see your going to the top,” she said.

“Yes,” said Paul. “Floor 29. I’m going to touch the sky.”

As one reviewer says in the Guardian:

The Boy Who Climbed Into the Moon is charming without being twee; quirky without being whimsical; and genuinely thought-provoking without being clever-clever. It celebrates words and ideas and makes one look anew at the world from an ever-so-slightly-different perspective. It’s a novel of small ideas which are, of course, so often the  biggest ideas of all. “Sausages are better than war”. (Who can argue with that, so long as there’s a vegetarian option?). Being shot during war is contagious, an epidemic of dying and death will follow. And then there’s Paul’s theory – the most central theory of all: that the moon is a hole in the sky. It’s a hole to be reached with a ladder (“£54.99 from B&Q”).



To me, it had the delightful impossibility of Alice in Wonderland or Le Petit Prince – but I like it more. It knows to tell a wild fantastical story peopled with quirky awkward individuals – but knows when to stop, keeping the simplicity of a fable. And it is a kind of fable.


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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

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