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Yuyi Morales

Her latest book, Viva Frida:

(See my first post about Yuyi Morales.)


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Just a minute

1233674686-sc-274(edited and revised)
Just a Minute

Grandma Beetle keeps Señor Cavalera waiting. He’s come for her but she asks for a little time to sweep her ONE house. UNO Then she has TWO pots of tea to boil. DOS After that it’s THREE pounds of corn to make into tortillas TRES

I like the traditional feel of this story, the way it brings in so much from Yuyi Morales’ native Mexico, the little bits of Spanish, and that here is Death in a book, and yet the book is so happy!

Also that Yuyi Morales is a bit of a self-publicist. She deserves to be, with her great story, great illustrations. Here’s her website:

Making Just A Minute from Yuyi Morales on Vimeo.

See this too, just in.

And this, about the making of the sequel to Just A Minute:

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