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Hello and welcome. This blog is mainly around stories, especially for children, adaptions to film, illustrations, myths and folklore.

Lots of these stories I’ve read with my son Sam, born in 2000. Lots I’ve shared with the kids I teach, at the moment 5 and 6 year olds. And all of them I’ve enjoyed myself. Sometimes, particularly with traditional tales or folktales, the original audience wasn’t meant to be kids. So there’s a lot for adults to reflect on in many of the stories like this.

I like told stories a lot. Books are good though too; sometimes an illustrator has got inside the story and brought their creativity to it. Videos are good for sharing here, as it’s not usually possible to share a book on the internet.

Thanks for visiting. May I encourage you to comment…

A picture of The Tiger and the Boy from my flickr stream (have a look at the comments too, and, if you care to, some more interesting comments on Eleni’s blog entry on this). The original of this hangs on my wall.

§ – § – § – § -§ – § -§ – § -§ – § -§ – § -§ – § -§ – § -§ – § -§ – § -§ – § -§

It’s a stupid name for the blog, Yahoo! 360, I know.

Thing is, there used to be this rickety old blog platform on Yahoo, and that’s where I started this blog.

Then they said:

“Yahoo! 360 va être fermé le 13 juillet 2009. Pour conserver vos contenus 360, vous devez impérativement les télécharger avant cette date.”

(“Yahoo! 360 is going to shut on 13th July 2009. To keep all your 360 content, you absolutely have to download it before this date.”)

So I did, I “migrated” it here. There were some glitches and hitches – pictures got blown away in migration, as did the names of the people who commented, but I’ve tried to fix most of that.

(revised 27th November 2009)



  1. Eleni said

    hello Simon 🙂 🙂
    x ~Eleni

  2. egotoagrimi said

    Hello WordPressed SG. This is an html test. It’s also a test to see if you are on holidays.

  3. simonsterg said


    In Skye zith q very sloz connection qnd qn english keyboqrd

  4. Hello Simon…glad to find your blog. Now I’m off to read it!

  5. Chichipiru said

    Hello Simon! Thank u for commenting on my blog! You do a wonderful job here…keep it up! 🙂

  6. pinkiguana said

    Just had a look at your site which I like very much. Do you know the Norwegian folk tale Nail Soup? http://www.soupsong.com/snail.html

    I named one of my other blogs after it. It’s the story of a vagrant who persuades an old woman to give him shelter for the night and then spins a tasty supper and evening of comradery from a rusty nail (I invite myself to strangers apartments and we share delivery food).

    It tied with Swallows and Amazons as my favourite book when i was a child. And the Poggles Wood annual too of course.

    • simonsterg said

      Your comment got sorted by wordpress into the spam pile, pinkiguana – that’s what happens when you turn up with a rusty old nail. But I have unspammed it.

      Thank you.

      I know the “stone soup” version of the tale – and really enjoyed reading the nail soup version! When I saw your list of blogs and what they were about I suspected the stories were similar – you put a little in, and the host is coaxed gently and satisfyingly into generosity and gets a tasty meal besides.

      (I was just thinking about this kind of thing as I was getting the fire going this morning. There’s all that warmth waiting in the big logs. But you have to get a few twigs and sticks burning first of all before they’ll release it. It’s like magic!)

  7. Estelle said

    I’ve just had a nose around your blog. I found some of my old favourites and some new ideas. It makes interesting reading. I think Sue might have got the wrong person for the Lit co job!! 🙂
    Here’s to more time for reading books.

    • simonsterg said

      Nice to see you here, and thanks for your flattery! We are, of course, basking in the bounty of your Lit-co-ship!
      Yes… To more time for reading books!

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