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the fox and the crow

The fable of the fox and the crow.



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The Iron Woman


Finished reading The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes tonight.
The men in the Waste Disposal Factory that is polluting the marsh are turned into giant water creatures and made to Seriously Reconsider. Things in England at least are never the same.

Hughes, one of my heroes, deserves many entries.

Suffice it to have him read some of his crow poems:

Leonard Baskin’s ink & crayon drawing for the cover of Ted Hughes’ Crow

Black was the without eye

Black the within tongue

Black was the heart

Black the liver, Black the lungs

Unable to suck in light.

Black the blood in its loud tunnel

Black the bowels packed in furnace

Black too the muscles

Striving to pull out into light

Black the nerves, Black the brain

With its tombed visions

Black also the soul, the huge stammer

Of the cry that, swelling, could not

Pronounce its sun.

He was well equipped to make his creation stories for kids, like How the Whale Became etc. Also his Ovid. And the Iron Man and Iron Woman.

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